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Pic Mix Level 1-5 Written Answers

Pic Mix by Itch Mania is the latest Android app that lets you figure out the word based on viewing 2 picture clues. Basically, you are given 2 photos to look at, and you have to combine the two words to make a one-word answer. For instance, the first example they show is a photo of a cow, and then a photo of a bell. The answer word is 'cowbell'. In another example, they show you a picture of corn, and then a picture of a dog, and the answer is corndog.


Every Pic Mix puzzle has an answer bank that is full of 12 letters. The answer word you are looking for has empty boxes where the letters will need to be filled in. Because of this, we have designed a universal solution that is compatible with all Pic Mix levels and games. To use, simply type in your letters above into the box, and then select the amount of letters that the PicMix answer requires. When you press 'Go' the program will scan the english dictionary and provide you with all possible combinations of words that will fit the criteria. This isn't a perfect fix, but it will at least give you a chance to solve your puzzle without having you use up your precious coins. We all know that the Pic Mix coins are costly and if you run out they even cost you real money, so they should not be over used.


On the other page we have actually provided you with written answers for the first 5 levels of the Pic Mix game. Keep in mind that the developers have been known to scramble up the levels so that these cheats might not match the version you are playing. If you can't find your answers in the written section, we advise you to use the Pic Mix answer solver above. We hope you enjoy!

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